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GET RESULTS MINISTRIES, INC. “Together, We Make Changes You Can See”

We help young troubled males lead better lives.

Guiding Troubled Youth and Their Families to a Better Future

We realize many young males (ages 6-14) are troubled. Many youths struggle with peer pressure and feelings of confusion, worthlessness, frustration, sadness, and anger, and sometimes facing problems too difficult for them or their parents to solve. Romans 1:28-32 defines the cause and describes the root of our problem. At Get Results Ministries, Inc., we provide a spiritually based environment and outreach programs to help change and save the lives of juveniles and their families. Whether they are troubled young males or first-time offenders, our main goal is to help them acquire the tools they need to become law-abiding and contributing citizens and live normal, healthy and youthful lives.

About Us

Get Results Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit (501C3) organization founded for the sole purpose of keeping young troubled males or first-time offenders of minor crimes (ages 6-14), from entering or re-entering the revolving doors of correctional facilities, within our local and state penal systems. We help them respectively transition from childhood into manhood by addressing their needs and supporting their families with counseling, guidance, and any needed interventions, coupled with a variety of outreach services and resources to help create change. Our goals include helping young troubled males and first-time offenders avoid the pitfalls of juvenile detention centers and working diligently to help them acquire the tools to become law-abiding and contributing citizens.

What We Do

This organization was founded to help young(ages 6-14) troubled males overcome personal challenges, problems and struggles by providing strategies and tools they can use to prevent any potential consequences. We also strive to help young (ages 6-14) first-time offenders of minor crimes, transition from childhood into manhood by providing a temporary diversion home while helping them to avoid entering or re-entering correctional facilities within local and state penal systems.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help young males, ages 6-14, avoid the pitfalls of society and the juvenile justice systems by providing them with workable strategies and tools as they develop and transition from childhood into manhood in order to live normal, healthy and youthful lives.

Closing The Gap

We firmly believe that the high number of juveniles in trouble, who may be easily lured into gang activity or who have been referred to juvenile courts, can be greatly reduced if solid community-based initiatives are effectively implemented.  Research has shown that juvenile detention centers are usually ineffective in rehabilitating youth with minor offenses and often makes them worse.  According to a bulletin published by the U.S. Department of Justice, time spent in a juvenile detention center is not only just time away from negative factors, but it also increases the gap between the youth and positive factors, such as family, community, spiritual guidance and school. At Get Results Ministries, Inc. we want to help close that gap by providing programs aimed toward positive outcomes for the youth, families and communities.

Program Overview

Get Results Ministries, Inc. has two outreach initiatives as our focus, to help impact the lives of our targeted youth by providing support and resources to them, their families and their community:

Our Goals

To Assist troubled young males

and first-time offenders in acquiring the necessary social and life skills for character development and self-esteem.

To Provide positive support,

guidance, and assistance to help first-time offenders perceive and achieve personal successes.

To Positively impact

the decision-making and critical thinking process to help them cope with life challenges and peer pressures they encounter as developing adolescents. 

To Provide lifelong

and applicable conflict resolution strategies and activities for social and personal  development.

To Assist families

with parenting tools, guidance, career development, life skills and other tangible resources through our outreach ministries.

Community Services

Our Outreach Ministries include:

  • Helping Hands (Food Pantry & Clothing Closet)
  • Career Resources (Parental Resources)
  • Spiritual Guidance and Family Counseling
  • Toys for Tots/Holiday Assistance
  • Emergency Financial Assistance (Upon Availability)
  • Outreach Prison Ministry

Community Support

Serving the Cobb, Douglasville, and Fulton County communities, Get Results Ministries, Inc. is currently addressing request for guidance through partnering with Visions for Life Baptist Church, Paradise Baptist Church, Kingsley Community/Activity Center and local parent referrals. The activities and services of the Wake-Up Project are currently operating and growing. Funds and in-kind donations (a home, building facility, vans, etc.) are needed and welcomed to support the development of “Changes”, our Alternative Diversion Home, which will temporarily house up to 6 young male first-time offenders, ages 6-14, as they are assigned to us by the courts. Living in a safe nurturing environment giving them professional guidance and care will provide them opportunities to make life changes which will positively impact their future.

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it”. - Proverbs 22:6

Check out the CIS Wake Up Everybody video. It Says It All!

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